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Once again Lily will be there at the Jons little salmon booth with her new hot fly. The Lily Pad. Buy a box of girl scout cookies get a free fly body. She went with greens that will be great over there to. She wouldnt let us sell the Lily fly last year and people called wanting more and we had to say no. Dont miss out this year. Get there before Jon and Rod eat all the cookies. Jon is loading up on flies so you should be able to get Spooks, Proctologist etc this year. Thanks so much, BW



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Lily is stoked to be back at LOTSA again this year!  Same deal as last year....free Big Weenie Brand fly with the purchase of a box of Girl Scout Cookies (while supplies last).  Her fly was very good last year, but she helped design a new ont this year she is calling The Lily Pad.....this fly is awesome. Not a little awesome...ALOT awesome :yes:   She will have 72 flies custom tied for us and donated by Big Weenie....so many thanks to Gary, Karen and the weenie dogs for supporting the girl scout troops.


Lily sold out of cookies & flies last year, so stop by early before they are gone. Cookies are $4 a box (Girl Scouts raised the price this year).


We'll be about the same place as we are every year....middle isle. We will have lots of Big Weenie Brand products, plus lots of other products as well.


Jon and I will be starting on the cookies Saturday sometime....no promise on how many boxes will be left by 9am Sunday.  Could be an early sell out :rofl:   I am in love with this years fly.


See you all at LOTSA at the Jon's Little Salmon / Big Weenie Booth :yes:

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