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Yankee Troller

1/13 Bass'n report

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Pulled up to the launch at Conesus around 7am. Air temp was 22 degrees. Fished till 10am when my oil alarm went off. Pulled the boat and went to breakfast. 0 for 0 on bass. Its not cool driving through skim ice, and watching the nice close in on you and cutting of most of the lake!

Ate breakfast and called a buddy who happened to be on his way to Canandaigua. He tells me the caught 20 yesterday. So I change course and head for Canadaigua. Launch the boat and the motor is working fine. Run out to my buddy who caught one on his second cast lost another one quick and then nothing. Went the rest of the day with only a few measly perch. We saw them on the camera, but they just werent hungry today.

Felt good to run the boat at close to 70mph again! I will take these mild winters all day long!

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