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Olcott - Memorial Day weekend

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Well as you all know the wind blew like heck this weekend. We fished out of Olcott and finally got out for an hour or so late Saturday but had a full day on Sunday with my new 24' Hewes Craft. What a vessel in rough seas! My first pilot house and staying 100% dry while taking wave spray over the roof is sweet. This was my first time fishing with autopilot and a control king and boy that sure takes the work out of it. Anyway, we ended up 15 for 18 on Sunday with the largest king at 26 pounds and the largest steelhead at 14 pounds. The sweet spot for the larger fish was in the 130' to 160' of water. As we moved in the fish got smaller. Spin doctors and flasher fly combinations took the larger fish while spoons and free sliders seemed to take smaller fish. White, white with pokadots and white with blue performed followed by Atomic hammer or blue and white flies. Sorry I don't have all the names memorized. Spoons in all colors we presented as free sliders did fairly well especially what I think is candy apple (red spoon). The largest steely came on a purple spoon with white ladder back and gold back side trolled on a long line about 35' down. Dipsy's at 175 and 250 performed as well. The fish were hungry. Lake Ontario continues to impress me as an awesome fishery. I am struggling with my retirement plan, living around family and 30-minutes from the Hudson river for spring stripers with lots of hunting land behind my house versus a place at the big lake. Decisions, decisions....post-145902-0-15648400-1369797697_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-51508600-1369797719_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-94879900-1369797734_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-50461700-1369797751_thumb.jpg

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Glad to hear you like your new ride, sound like you got all the bells and whistles with it cangrats on new ride. Now great fish post with nice pics. also, I wish I had so many tuff decisions to make everyday LOL.

Good luck the rest of the season, and enjoy your retirement!!!! PAP. :yes:

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