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Been fishing the Seneca river for a long time.

This past fall I wasnt too pleased with the numbers I caught.

This river has been known to produce , quantity and

quality depending on what time of the year its fished.

Just curious, HOW did everyone else fare? Did you feel the northern pike

bite was a little weak this past fall? If so any thoughts on whats going on?


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I caught more pike this year in the fingerlakes than I have in life. Caught them on everything that I threw. There are a couple of post in the finger lake section about the pike fishing in Seneca. They were everytwher in the shallows.

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Yup,..........they're in there, it isnt anything close to what it used to be

like in the early 80's. I never thought that the success we had back then

would dwindle down to what it is today.......but times change.

If you are familiar with the fish, you'll find'em. Your typ. baits all work.

They are extremely seasonal, concentrating in EARLY spring and LATE

fall would be your best bet.

If you're real lucky you MAY even stumble onto their WINTER hideouts.

I'm not going to draw you a map 'cause tht wouldnt be any fun........

GIT OUT THERE -N- FISH......thats what its all about.

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Thanks. And I'd never ask anyone for their honey holes....just some first timer pointers to give me a fighting chance. It's all "time behind the wheel". Put in the time, I'll learn, and earn the experience and success. The Senceca's been on my short list for some time to begin a forray into crappie fishing. Now I just have to get the specific gear and get out there. Thanks again.

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