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Seneca On the water late....6/9/13

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On the water late after getting some family stuff done.  9:00 am  Ran one rigger at 30 ft one at 35 ft and a 3 color core on a inline board.  Didnt take long for the 30 foot rigger to fire with a miss.  Turned around went back up through  and it fired again...fish on this time a 3 or 4 lb brown in the boat...now I realize I have forgot my net...hmmm...well maybe they will all be small....ha....same rigger popped again this time I knew I had somethin good. After a long slow retrieve in realizing this fish needs to be plumb tuckered out if I have any chance of getting her in the boat without a net.  Noticing she had a hitchhiker I grabbed her snipped her rider then weighed her....9lbs 12oz....and a very unhappy lamprey.  proceeded to work the same water when the inline board started zinging backwards and the reel started screeming....nice landlock in the boat.  Decided I should wrap it up when the same 30 ft rigger fired this time with a nice healthy 5lb 8oz bow!!  All fish lived happily ever after except for that tasty salmon!! 30'over 60'  2.4 mph gps...fishhawk out of commision for now....I dont know about you guys but judging by the marine life off our dock and the bait out deeper I think Seneca is coming back. :yes:

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