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LongLine's "19 DOLLAR FLY"


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This fly will be in my arsenal for the rest of my life. Here are some tips (warnings):

1-Sharp utility knives cut tape, cardboard and vinyl coverings (on card tables) all in 1 swift motion. Put a piece of Plexiglas or wood under the cardboard work surface. :$

2-Stick the very corner of the other half of the piece of tape to an ashtray or ruler to prevent it from flipping over or blowing into the flashabou.


3- Nail polish remover helps release glued together fingers but it takes the color out of the flashabou. It also stains the vinyl covering on the table & will ignite if you’re smoking near it. :roll:

4- Put a pan of hot steamy water in the room you’re working in to reduce static in the air during winter. (Flashabou has a mind of its own where static is concerned.) :idea:

5- Don’t sneeze, cough, sigh or otherwise expel air currents around flashabou. ;(

6- Don’t remove the staple from the bunch/strands of flashabou without multiple wrapping a rubber band around it. :idea:

7- Lay out bunches/strands of flashabou around your work space so they’re not adjacent to any other bunch/strand. :x

8- Keep all tail wagging dogs out of your work area. ;)

9- Put something weighted on top of the flashabou before you try to vacuum up the mess on the floor. :x

10- Make sure coffee/drinks are not between you & the flashabou. :$

11- Buy some new tubing & keep it dry. Don’t steal it from the kid’s aquarium (or spill coffee on it). ;)

12- One overhand knot in the thread is really all you need to start your wrapping. Don’t bother trying to untie or cut off broken knots in the thread. :x

13- Only tie your own flies during the winter because you're totally bored & want something to do. You certainly won't save any $ on the first few. :roll: :)

Tom B.


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#14. All the flashabou glitter pieces that spring up when you cut them to length land on your face.....your buddies will worry about you, but your daughter will think you look cool.

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