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Casting crankbaits early/mid june for largemouth on the east side of the west side of the bay last year. Hooked something huge!!!!!!!!! it cut the line. Hmmmmmmmmmm? So I tied on an almost identical bait, first cast, BAMMM, 12.7lber. Ate real good, should of mounted it, couple pic's is all. But they are in there. I've caught em in just about every manner you can think of, usually bass fishing.

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Just Moved to area a year ago and had good luck with LargeMouths and Perch in Ibay.

Is it worth fishing some of the drop offs for Walleye or are they just not abundant enough?


I Bay is an interesting fishery. There are catchable populations of most game fish in there, ranging from panfish to salmonoids. The walleye fishery is a target that you can have success with if you spend the time. There are enough to go around, they behave pretty much like you'd expect them to in terms of location, times, baits etc, and yes, they can get pretty darn big. There are also many other good walleye fisheries in this area, so if this is your game, you'll be able to stay busy out there.

As always, stay sharp, be safe, and best of luck to you.


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Thanks a bunch, I had a lot of success for LargeMouths in the Bay my first summer and live right next to the bay so it easy to dump my small boat in. Looking forward to the challenge of chasing one of these eye's down.

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