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Otisco 6/22

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Fished Otisco with the family today with intentions of trolling for Tigers. After a couple passes up and down the east side of the lake we decided to throw some lures in the north end to see if we could find something to entertain the kids for an hour or so. We were fishing in 15 FOW with weeds about 8' up. After my 8th cast with a Mepps Bucktail spinner...BAM! I watched a nice Tiger follow my lure for about 10 feet or so then he nailed it with everything he had. Ended up landing him after about 10 minutes. He measured 34" and was a very healthy looking fish. We snapped a couple quick pics then sent him back on his way. After a half hour or so I had another Tiger follow me to the boat but didnt bite. He looked to be in the 25"-28" range.

We did have a little more excitement a bit later when my oldest son nailed a 25lb carp on his spinning rod. After a long battle we managed to get it in the net.


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