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Braddocks 1/31

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cold and breezy morning on the bay. hot early bite turned into a slow pick.

iced 45 keeper perch, lost a bunch, through back a dozen or so dinks. tip downs w/ big niagaras. dead and alive baits were working. maybe a dozen others out there mostly fishing for perch. didnt see any pike iced.

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      Took my dad out since it was clam. Called multiple people to try and have a 3rd but everyone was busy. We set up about 4:30pm in 80fow and trolled in and out from 80fow to 150fow. All SD/fly bite. No hits on spoons. Wires 160/180 took 4 fish. 75 rigger took biggest fish. 5 fish in boat and 2 hits with no one home. 3 kings, 1 laker and 1 brown. I was shocked when the 160 wire fires when in 120fow and we reel in a brown trout on a SD/Fly. That was a 1st for me. Supposed to take some fellow firefig

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      Fought the chop to hit the sunset bite. Landed on a good seam of 48 degree water at 60 feet over 115 fow.     Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

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      Fished out of braddocks today in 80-140 fow.Stopped in by Mitchels to get some familar bite. Started 9:30 first time using meat put 2 down riggers down with spoons an 1 dipsy. Put meat on second dypsy with spin doctor put out 120 just turned my back an bam dipsy took of my buddy grabbed it nothing brought it in gone was my new sd an meat rig. little later other dipsy fired that one got loose snap ring was bent open, hook was of spoon. got smaller king of leadcore then rains came went in waited f

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      Got to the boat early with Chaparal and his dad as well as my son only to discover the electronics were left on yesterday and both batteries were dead. Ugh! Quick trip to Walmart for some 20 foot jumper cables and we were on our way. Ran west to Cowsucker and turned and set up in 300. 50 degrees down 90, a little rough but had a great morning. 6 for 6 with one mid teens and 3 low 20’s. Mag Dreameaver spoons and black and green spin Dr out 300.     Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario Un

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      Was finally able to get some friends I used to work with from Kodak out. Stayed in close since the lady mentioned she has gotten sea sick before and she has never been salmon fishing. Set up in 130 and headed west. Saw a few boats in same area. Riggers set 80, 70, 60, 50. Wire out 180 and 200 on 2 setting. 60 rigger (DW 2 face) released 3 times in 20 minutes but no one home. 70 rigger (Mag 42 gold) 1 release with no one home. Just started to eat our subs and 180 wire (white double crush SD/hamme

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