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Oneida 7/14

Fish Hunter

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Caught the most north of 115 on harnesses, while fighting off the onslaught of silvers.

Had something on, that walked right thru our 10 lb. line about 8:00 am.

I've caught some big cats, and sheepshead, on 10 lb. line, but this shook it's head a few times on the way to the boat, and that was it.

Hand painted #5 Colorado green/black/red dot/glow-back was their favorite.

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Sounds like the action is heating up, great job and good report Fish Hunter. Have to get up to Oneida next time I pull the boat. Oneida was good to us last year and the bonus perch, and smb made it even better. I stuck with cranks but sounds like I better try a couple harnesses off the riggers and the core too.


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#5 and 7 Rapalas, Hot Steel, Firetiger, AC Shiners, Jr. T/sticks all work pretty good on Oneida from my experience.

Too easy to just send the bouncers down........lol.

Also heard on the radio of folks doing well on spoons.

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