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Dipsey depth chart 2nd try

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Capt. Spike - where is this data from? Is this Smart troll data?





To be honest I don't know. I was cruising fishing sites with Lake Ontario info filling my head with as much info as I can get and came across a thread with a picture posted in it. It might be from a book about trolling Lake Ontario with that kind of information. If I can find the thread I'll post it up.

Let me see if I can find it, I promise nothing lol.



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Well that was easier than finding it the first time lol. I'll link the picture page and you can get to the thread from there.

I don't usually post links to other forums on forums. I don't think it is frown upon here but I generally do not do it (well except for the fat laker post I linked to, lol). Which is why I didn't say I never post links, lol.

Here it is anyway:


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