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Well we planned on leaving Dalhousie very early Thursday morning but when the alarms went off we awoke to alot of rain so we slept in till 8 then headed to the niagara bar to check out some home waters.

Lines in by 830 3 riggers pulling meat rigs and ITO flys with pro troll flashers, wire divers with spin doctors and ITO flys and our shoot copper rod pulling a 11 inch pro troll with a meat rig. First rod to go off was a pro troll meat rig on rigger in 130 fow off 4 mile creek landed a nice 25 lb king, worked a little closer to the bar and the 450 copper starts screaming down the shoot also a 25 lb king both released using the new bogs grip method. Trolled around a bit longer and landed a few more nice matures. Best depths were 130-150 fow 35-55 down the temp break was high in the column. At around 11 we pulled lines and headed towards Toronto.



We set up in front of the spit in 180 fow around 1230 with the same spread and we picked away some decent kings all the way to the bluffs headed in the marina around 5 went 9 for 12 one the day all kings.

Thursday evening we met up with some American friends from Yankee troller and team striker and we decided to have a side bet for big fish on Friday.

So we left the dock at 530 am on Friday with canadien pride on the line we were ready to put the hurt on some kings. Set up on the same waypoints from Thursday and we started off well boating some nice kings within the first couple hours but not the big boy we were looking for then around 9 o clock the wire diver I was standing next to took a hard rip and by the time a grabbed the rod it was screaming 500 ft in no time got close to the backing on the wire and put the breaks on by the time the stressful fight was over we landed a tyeeeee! 30.2 lbs so we figured we had a good one for our side bet with the yanks. So around 1030 we decided to towards Pickering and check out some other water because we knew we already had a good bite going at the spit, set up in 130 fow jus west

Of Pickering and we landed 3 or 4 nice 22-25 lbs kings and dropped some good fish as well. Headed in around 2. went 11for 15 on the day.

Side bet weigh in:

Yankee troller came in with a 29 lb king


We weighed in a 30.2 lb tyee


Casey Prisco and team striker weighed a 31.5


Good fun had by all on Trojan row lol!

So we had our plan set for tournament morning we were go to start towards Pickering because the size average was better there despite the tyee at the spit.

Tournament morning we had a bit of an alarm malfunction and woke up late at 550 and we were supposed to leave the dock at that time so I raced to the travel lift and found our observer had been assigned to a different boat because they thought we were not coming so we had to sacrifice a team member as an observer I drew the short tooth pick and I had to observe on the striker boat for the day.

But my team managed do well considering they had 3 guys running an 11 meter Trojan, they got there bites and landed 5 kings and lost a few kings they worked hard right until the end of the tourny trying for number 6 but it wasn't in the cards for us this time. We ended up with 109 lbs for 5 fish.

Great weekend great weather and great fishing!

Lots of fun and laughs with our american friends on Trojan row!






Our success on the weekend was simple PRO TROLL flashers pulling meat rigs and ITO flys. Our best combos were 11 inch green glow pro troll flasher with meat rigs on our riggers, a black glow 8 inch flasher with a ITO KJ special fly on one wire diver and 8 inch blue halo pro troll flasher with an ITO aqua fly on the other wire diver, another solid combo was the UV green strip pro troll flasher with a ITO KJ special fly.

Congrats to team screamer for there victory


Cheers JB

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We thought you Canadians were better drinkers.....We'll take it easy on you guys next time! 

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Team Fish Master is ALOT of fun to dock next too (when they wake up). They grill in the rain ...... they take face dives into the Gunnels (cigars all smashed )  Hey they even showed me a way to steak salmon that looks BONELESS and has NO back bone to cut.


Rick we have to dock next to them at St. Catherines their backyard HOMEPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!



Rebel Charters

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