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2005, 25 hp ELH , 2 stroke Merc, need batt to start?

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I work where we have rescue boats.

We are using a 25 hp electric start, by pulling cord due to electric start not working..

the guys here says you need to have the batt hooked up to Pull Start it..

this makes no sense to me... is it true??


thx... :)

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These engines have electronic ignition, so in order for the plugs to spark,they need a 12 volt source. It is not the old magnetic pull start that produces its own electric energy

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From Mercury's website. Not sure if this has any bearing on a 2005 motor.

Innovating the industry with battery-free power.

Mercury FourStrokes have long led the pack in clean, quiet, fuel-efficient outboard power, and now the gap grows even wider. We combined innovative engineering with advanced reliability and features to make our outboards run clean, stay quiet, and deliver smooth, responsive performance – all while cutting your fuel and maintenance costs.

The 25 and 30hp FourStrokes have an industry-first battery-less EFI system for easier starting, smooth running, and improved efficiency. That’s not a misprint – they feature electronic fuel injection with no battery

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with the battery they start first pull withought the battery its 2 or 3 pulls.  dunno about that particular engine you have but some street bikes and atvs need a battery to start at all.  like what rolmps said.  most are the one pull with battery and more pulls to soak the coil in a charge and to prime fuel system to get things going withought battery.   alot of fuel injection systems run batteryless but if it was not designed to run batteryless you will not have the correct fuel pressure to run at full performance if you can run at all.

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