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Got him

King Slammin

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Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure he was the boss in that block of woods. At least from what I've seen. Now I have to shift locations and plan a strategy to get this guy. I've been after him for 3 yrs now and hope he's still around and just as big. I placed a camera near my stand in that block about a week ago hoping to catch him cruising.

ImageUploadedByLake Ontario United1382724415.765467.jpg

ImageUploadedByLake Ontario United1382724501.448496.jpg

Holy Crap that is a monster! I have a 160" on my wall and this one is just as big if not bigger. You mind disclosing what wmu? I'm not going to jump your spot but just curious. My 160 came out of 8F.

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Thanks Vince. My son had a nice buck come running from the soybeans into the hardwoods on the 28th but he stayed just out of his range. Just before dark that night, I had the pleasure of taking a 2 1/2 yr old doe at 12 yds. She hopped into the field and fell over. It just happened to have a small slice above its front elbow. Must have been the doe that my son, Tyler, grazed opening evening. Trying to get Tyler on the board now.

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