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Yankee Troller

Some videos to keep the blood flowing for next season

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This was our first fish at the 2013 Wilson Harbor Invitational.




Here is a small fish from the Summer Tightline event in 2012. Work them riggers and chase the marks!




Here was our 29lb King from two years ago @ the Sandy Creek Shootout. 300 Copper fish, so I fast forwarded it a little.




A screamer a few years back that took some line!




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Edited by pap

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YEAAA buddy they were some great vids. perfect way to end the day, put my home made apple dumplings in the oven, went to my favorite pass time LOU and saw your post, watched the vids. got through the last one buzzer on the oven going off, dumplings are done. watched fishing now eating HOT home made apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream. Perfect way to wind down for the evening. Thanks Yankee, for the vids.

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