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Sneaky Duck

Iki Jime?

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I've been trying to figure out how to kill fish humanely so I can use a fillet technique where I keep the head on.  I've been having to kill them by cutting off the head.  I have tried stunning the fish with a blow on the head, but the only thing i'v accomplished is driving the fish's spikes into my hand :P  I was doing some google searching and came across this technique which came from Japan and seams popular in Australia.  I guess the gist of it is that you drive a spike into the fish's brain which kills them immediately and humanely.  There are even tools built for it similar to an Awl and also this gun thing http://www.ikigun.co.nz/


Does anyone use this technique or have a better idea for me?



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Sounds like a great idea. A salmon that is immediately killed and bled tastes better. You could even spike them right in the net before they do their death roll with hooks flying and prevent net tangles and hooks in the hand.

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