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Lakeshore Ponds


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I fished braddocks yesterday and walked away with a skunk. 5 tip ups with 2 flags. Both ended in dropped baits. 5 tip downs, 1 deadstick, and 2 jigging rods = zero perch. I never even had hit and never saw a fish. It wasnt just me, word on the ice was it was just terrible fishing. Terribly slow from Braddocks to Iron Bay.

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thanks bassn247. went out sun on long pond  from 8 to 12 got 10 10in+ perch couple white perch and lost somthing big on the tip down. carefull if anyone goes out there was 5 to 6 gas pockets 10ft in diameter now with the little snow and somewhat cold temps they might be skimmed over but not thick enough to walk on. the ice was 14in+ where i was fishing just spud your way out

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