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Some questions about some Pro King spoons


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Bought another collection of spoons from a charter captain.  I picked out all of the Pro King spoons.


Just a couple questions.


Is the spoons on the bottom left and the ones on the bottom right Pro Kings?  They seem to have the same blank and they have the same holographic back as some of the newer pro kings.  Just about all of the rest have the highly polished back and are stamped Pro King.  Some of the most reflective spoons I've seen.  Is there a special plating on the back?  At some point did Pro King switch from a polished back to the foil/holo sticker back?



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I am not sure on the age of these spoons but the company did change hands a few years back and those couple of spoons to the right of the squid are in question They may have been discontinued. The spoon shape does seem to be the same though. The ones on the bottom right also. Check out their website www.prokingspoons.com for there current selection. I run primarily a pro king program and includes a lot of mag spoons both taped and painted. The finishes are extremely durable and don't flake off or fall apart after a few fish. They also came out with a line of flashers and flies last year which also produced a lot of fish for us as well. To answer your question on the finishes they put holographic tape on the back side of their standard sized spoons like what you have in the picture. I have caught fish with and without the tape on them. If you remove the tape is does have a polished surface but the tape dows make the spoon a little flashier than a regular polished cup spoon IMO. When you step up to the mag size or mag polished series you will just have the polish cup on the backside no holographic tape added. To be honest with you last season I noticed that the mag sized spoons far out produced the standard sized I guess mainly due to the bait the fish were eating. Either size you can't go wrong . Good luck with your prokings this season. They are a proven performer.

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