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Copper handline advice

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Pulling Copper vs Seth Green Rig

Started by Gill-T, May 16
These are my go-to techniques when I want to catch fish. pulling copper is a good search method to find fish to jig.
Two pulls on the oares 3 pulles on the copper. My Grandmother loved to watch us get pulled 1.5 miles up the lake
by a big laker!
also a great way to catch jack perch,& huge smallmouth! just vary your depth.
Dick B.
p.s. when the fog rolled in on keuka, throw the line in pull for 5 minutes and you knew where you were, and how to get home.
learn the contours,bottom type, and hangups in a hurry.
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Craig: I scanned in his business card that he gave me. I don't think he'd mind me posting it here: Les


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Wanting to get into pulling/jerking copper for lakers- What kind of copper wire do I need to buy? It seems that people don't use the typical 7strand/braided trolling copper wire? Or is that OK to use for pulling copper with a sutton spoon.


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The copper wire you want is single strand copper not the braided. The braided stuff is too stiff to be able to feel the bottom real well.  The single strand wire can be anywwhere from .018 to .028 in diameter. Not sure where you live but I think Roy's Marina in Geneva NY may have some. You may also be able to get it from Fishy business near Branchport. NY. If not, many electrical supply outlets may carry rolls of it.




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I've got a reel with thin solid wire on it you can have to get started with. It's not spring loaded, so you'll have to coil the copper near your feet purposely to avoid kinks in it. That requires you to not to move your feet or risk a bird nest tangle. That ends the day. If you live close to Cayuga Lake, I'll take you out sometime & you can see what it's all about. I haven't been out all year, all my buddies are busy with family & work, so nobody to drive the boat.20210813_112736.jpg20210813_112723.jpg

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