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  1. Nick don’t say anything! Let the bashers keep going away. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I have the original brochure and parts for this. If interested. Great for lakers. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Prayers to your family. We are all with you.
  4. Main line same as between leaders and length as spacing, then darcron. Marked with a marker.You know where u are.
  5. Keuka had a lot that we collected for Grandma and she used them in a Alfredo sauce.
  6. Kevin French, Frenchys fabrics, did mine. great price, very good work and quality. heavy duty fabric! Waneta lake 607-583-4462. Dick B.
  7. They were still there last spring, and had no intentions of going anywhere. this was 6/12/13 with a custom rigged rod. Dick B
  8. Got to Clute at 10 am. found one trailer there, and a pile of weeds. Wind was ssw and picking up. went to the rocks, and went north to hector falls. water temp was 51degrees surface. fish were stacked in small groups from top to 80 ft over 130 ft. wind and waves, but 1 small landlock. Went across to salt plant and went south. found bait fish and stacks of fish half way back, kept hitting weeds that fouled my spoons and 1 more small landlock. wind got bad so at 1:30 went in. Wife wanted to go to tioga downs for my 63 birthday, but I did somthing bettor! Beautiful day, but cold. good birthday!
  9. Sorry for your loss. from the posts his passing is everyones loss.
  10. Darn I wish I knew what the water was like so I could make the trip up. All the weather things are wind! I miss The lake webcam at senaca! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Mine is a 1606 spectrum. 50hp Johnson vro still trying to set it up. Great boats! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Whats the boat? looks nice, may be reengine. Force outboards are not very good, I kept fixing mine and adjustin mine till i got rid of it. wish I could get a 4stroke for my old boat! Dick B
  13. What is the motor? probley something simply
  14. Dick

    lou app

    I phone, app store, search, type" lake ontario united" should be right there. Dick B.
  15. check the temp between the two outlets. looks like a hot leak from the head into the manifold water. a clog could cause a hot spot in the head. get a professional to look at it. compression is only in the cylinder, not the water jacket.
  16. Maine harvest seafood has great prices, and great lobster and scallops, every thing fresh. He loves to hear about the fingerlakes fishing. Pennsylvania ave in Elmira.
  17. went out late 11:00 looked around close. not much, so I went north to glen eldridge. 3 boats trolling, 1 drifting. set up rigger at 70ft flasher and spoon, wire with spin green frog, and reellhooked up fly. all I got was fleas. The most fleas I had this year! Talked to the other boats, and they said it was the same. What am I dong wrong?
  18. Prayers and hopes for Him. We need him.
  19. I should have said I need a 2nd battery a deep cycle.
  20. He's not the only one! I learned what i have reading about it (dipseys) here, and with error and trials! Old school I learned from Grandfather, Newer, just try. Costs a lot to buy a copper rig to not know what to do with it. copper rig to me was a flat board with wire wound around it and pulled by hand.
  21. I have a new low cranking amp marine battery and after trolling a while the voltage drops. my finder will warn me. when i start the motor, the finder will shut off due to not enough power. I need a bigger deep cycle battery.
  22. Have to take my friend out, today and tommarow. she is a river caster. would like to get her excited, about trolling also. any sugestions as to where and how? Small boat can't get far fast.
  23. I use trebles in senaca on my lures because i hate releasing one eyed landlocks or brain dead gull bait. darn little landlocks think they are big fish. good points to both sides.
  24. My Grandfather always said look for the oil slick and seagulls. baitfish are oily, and oil floats. enough and you can smell it Dick B
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