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Seneca been awhile!

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Well it's been a while since I made a post. Plus I have been on Ontario for the last month chasing screamers! Well launcher from Watkins both days 8/16 and 8/17!! Saturday was fun all browns and salmon no grease balls..... Marked bait deep with fish and got them also had a few on the boards 200 coppers and such things. Went 12 for 13 in 3 hours had fun one guy had never done it the other guy had been years since he lake fished. Sunday things changed fish moved bait moved I moved also I had my mother on board for her birthday just her and I fished shallow to start got the bites couldn't keep them hooked sliders and coppers did the work shallow bite slowed I went to try and find some lakers got a few high the column and some way down lost one monster smashed a dipsy pulled some drag and layed back just thrashing think I have never seen before well had a horrible record on Sunday went something like 4or5 for mid teens on bites was still fun fishing with my mom she could not remember the last time she had gone !!! post-147332-14083701819723_thumb.jpgpost-147332-14083702895361_thumb.jpg

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