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Youth waterfowl weekend

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Took my nephew out for his first all about him duck hunt. He is 13 and has not yet had the privilege to harvest any animals. That ended with a monster canada goose about 3 mins after shooting light! He went on to harvest his limit of mallards and 2 woodies by 8:30.

That was one of the most memorable hunts ive even been apart of. Watching my nephew have the time of his life and seeing the smile on his face is something ill never forget!

Sunday morning him and his dad met me at the spot to try it again. The wind was absolutely howling right from jump. It made the shooting extremley difficult for him. He ended up getting 2 ducks and he was very happy for hitting those. We had another great morning despite the windy conditions. He shot a lot and on our way out had his first dec experience. The officer was a great guy who even took a picture of the 3 of us and RJ's ducks. It was a memorable weekend in the swamp!!!

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Awesome! No kid remembers their best day playing Xbox, but he's sure to remember this day forever. Thanks for sharing!

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Yes I agree we have game systems but my kids rather be outside. He loved that hunt he is hooked for life now

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