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Favorite venison recipes

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Thought I would share my recipe for stuffed venison backstrap that I came up with by basically stuffing venison with spinach salad recipe from Lampy's restaurant in Endicott. Id also like to hear everyone else's favorites as we all tend to make the same recipes over and over and Im ready for something new to try. I cook pretty much by eye and dont measure much but you will get the gist.

Stuffed Venison Loin


1 whole, well trimmed backstrap

fresh baby spinach

small bag of dried cherries

chopped walnuts

small container of crumbly bleu cheese

3-4 pieces of bacon

balsamic vinegar

minced garlic

grated parmesan cheese

Salt n Pepper

Toothpicks or halved bamboo skewers (what I use now)

First roll out the loin by slicing lengthwise a three quarter inch thick slice stopping 3/4 of an inch from the cutting board. Then roll loin 90 degrees and repeat till you have wide 3/4 inch thick piece of meat.

Sprinkle meat with balsamic and put in fridge for a quick marinade while you make the stuffing

Cut up spinach, bacon, and garlic. Mix spinach, cherries, walnuts, crumbly bleu, bacon pieces, garlic, and parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper meat to taste then spread enough stuffing that when you roll the venison it just nicely closes

Insert toothpicks to hold it closed

I then smoke grill with hickory chips on the top rack of my infrared grill at around 250-300 degrees till rare on a meat thermometer. As long as it is slow cooked somehow it will work...this is just my favorite way.

Let it stand covered off heat till medium rare then slice.

This is considered a delicacy with all our friends and family and I serve it as an appetizer for prime rib I smoke grill on the main grill under the venison...and of course passed the true test which is when people who dont like venison get seconds. Also this is one of the few recipes I prefer with venison over pork or beef though both work well. I posted a pic of it last year right after christmas somewhere here I think. Hope you enjoy!

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Sounds fantastic! I am assuming the bacon is pre cooked. I am a big fan of gorgonzola cheese and maybe dried pears. I now have to get some fresh straps!

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Ive actually done it with the bacon uncooked on top, but prefer it precooked inside. Gorgonzola works well, but not much different. I forgot the walnuts, but they are in the recipe now. Im not a pear eater, but im sure any dried fruit would do the job. Ive always loved the unique flavor of the Lampys spinach salad so I thought put it in venison. The bbq bacon wrapped scallops I made for the walleye event are adopted from the same restaurants bbq'd bacon wrapped shrimp. I used to make it with shrimp when I used to shrimp in SC...now I have walleye so thats what I use.

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That sounds awesome Justin.  I have done similar things many times but not with as many ingredients. Mainly Worcestershire, bleu cheese, and garlic spears.  You got me thinking.  I may try that with a broccoli slaw that we make with shredded broccoli, apples, craisins, and creamy poppyseed dressing

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