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I fish Saranac & Mecham lake up there. Never Quite this late but I like A Black & Gold Spinnerbait or 5 Mepps bucktail on edges of weed beds& over them . Look for holes in the weed beds   . Jig w/ dark color  big Senkos . Also a black gold stickbait twitch over the weed tops.When the sun comes out miday , I find they like to get in the weeds .Best fishing for Northherns up there is from 9-3 for me.Good luck & have fun.Breakfast at The Lumberjack!

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I was up there walleye/landlock/laker trolling last summer and learn a bit...

The water is very dark and purple or uv are a must unless you are fishing shallow for bass and even then id use purple or uv, I only had 1 purple reef runner and it caught....NOTHING else worked other than for bass.

The owner of the blue jay campground will give you a HONEST fishing report and do his best to help.

The water has a lot of iron content and I was unable to use 200mHz on my fishfinder as it blows up the screen with false marks and clutter. Once I switched to naarrow cone is was fine.

If you troll do not be on the bottom much or you will lose gear.

My best water was from the campground south on the campground side of the islands down to the end of the islands. I loved it there and will return.

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