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Keeping a turkey fresh?

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A friend of mine got a nice tom yesterday and we want to have it for a turkey dinner at deer camp next Sunday (1 week later).  He skinned the bird and is cleaning it up now.  The question is:  What is the best way to keep it from spoiling for the next 6 days.  Is refrigeration good enough?

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wild bird can get dry unless cooked perfect...my advise cook at home pick the meat and package the meat dressing,and taters,gravy...then warm up at camp for a good meal...getting up early,, hunting all day, then cooking a turkey ,might not make for a good meal tho it sounds good on paper...as for me ,cabbage ,beans,brats,sourkrout,,then take the toilet paper

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If you are cooking the bird whole, even just the breasts for that matter, I highly recommend that you brine the bird overnight on Saturday. There's all sorts of recipes for brines, they are basically just a salt water + sugar solution. I made one last year using chicken stock, water, salt, brown sugar, peppercorns, allspice berries, bay leaves  and sage. I brined the bird overnight and smoked it at 200 degrees for a few hours till it was done. By far the best turkey I ever had, incredibly moist! Best of luck this weekend! 

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