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A Beautiful Sunrise Followed By A 2 Man Limit

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Had a great morning, although I shot like crap.  Thankfully, enough birds so I eventually got it done.

Here's my partner in his blind ready to go at sunrise & his 3 bird limit.  We have killed alot of birds over the years with sills.  Anyone who tells you that full bodies are a must is FOS.





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DJ...I have tried several brands of flocking material over the years & I have settled on the flock & adhesive made by Aero Outdoors:


The adhesive is water soluable so its an easy cleanup.  Actually, I think the adhesive is a little thick so I thin it down just a little bit.  I use a small spong brush to apply it and then put the flocking into a strainer and shake it on.  Have a big plastic bucket to work over so you can gather the excess material and re-use it.  Make sure you give them time to dry.

I take a little extra time when picking up the decoys to make sure I keep them clean.  Stack them on or against my layout blind to keep them from getting muddy.  Then I load them a few at a time into the carry bags to minimize the decoys rubbing against each other and scraping the flocking off.  If taken care of the flocking will last several years before you need a re-application.

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