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Fish Hawk TD anyone here using it?

BP Swing

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Can anyone recommend this little device? (Fish Hawk TD) I like the idea of it and it seems to have good online reviews but I see the minimum battery life is 5 yrs. and its a sealed battery. Im not crazy about throwing this away in 5 yrs.($149)  It hasnt even been out 5 yrs either to tell. Anyone here using it? Thanks 

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Mine works great, I've only had it for 2yrs but it's been priceless on many occasions.  If it died tomorrow I wouldn't be too mad, as long as I wasn't on the water trying to use it as my only source of down temp!  I really like it because I can tell how far down I'm actually going with blow back and on my divers.  Helps with making the correlation to what I'm seeing on the FF.

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