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Rigged splashdown weekend @ Sandy 4/25 /26

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Sat 25- got out on the water around 815 started inside regular program 2 slide divers/ 4 planers/ 4 riggers. We did 2 decent lakers 12 Browns 3 small kings and an Atlantic. 7-10 fow natural colors and red/yellow worked best. Stickbait bite was better than spoons. This was all in about 2.5 hours. Half way through this my brother decided to not have the lock on the net hoop and lost that overboard so we were stuck landing fish with a boga the rest of the day.

After it slowed down we poked north to 50' to pick up a few Lakers and end the day with 20. Not even two minutes out there with rods down we doubled and went home.

Sun 26- we were dying to catch a good king so we headed out to 20' end started NW. Not much later we were bringing lakers in left and right- biggest was around 10. We worked 30-60' from the pump house to watoma with lakers being the only takers. Went back inside as we saw some nice color and worked that back to the mouth. We did a bunch of browns and 3 coho (1 was about 5 lbs)

Boat is running great and she will be all ready for next weekend through WHI!

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