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Conesus 5/17 Report

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Took my parents out fishing yesterday.  They wanted to target pike and walleye. In reality they wanted to catch anything because my history of taking them fishing hasn't been the most successful.  This was our first time on Conesus lake.  Nice day and nice lake. It must get awfully crowded in middle of summer there though.  We started out trolling in shallow water 10' and less heading north out of macpherson point.  Using little cleos 3/4oz spoons in various colors.  My mother caught in first 15 minutes small to medium tiger musky.  We though it was going to be a great prosperous day. Things got very very slow. Trolled shore line all the way up to north end of lake.  Turned around and trolled in various spots on way back on east side again.  Not much happening.  Stopped in a few areas to jig.  Not much happened there except get a little crispy from the sun.  Then I said lets go to middle of lake and troll down center deep water. Lots of bait clouds. Put out two 3 color and two 5 color core lines.  Caught 1 average size walleye and 3 large pike in 45  minutes with a few misses mixed in there.  kept looping and trolling same spot over 45-50 feet of water.  Ironically all hits only occurred when trolling south.  All fish were taken on 3 color cores.  The 3 pike were taken on same rod on plain michingan stinger no paint just plain.  Walleye was taken on watermelon michigan stinger.  If i would have confidence that we were going to catch a few more walleye i may have boxed the walleye for a little meal.  All fish were successfully released to get big fat and happy for others to enjoy. 



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