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Yamaha Talon SDS prop

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Last year I installed a new (2014) Yamaha F70 LA (four stroke) on a Sea Nymph GLS175.  I like almost everything about the motor except two things. 1st, the idle below 900 rpm shakes a bit.  I am told this is normal for inline 4 Yammy's.   Since I use this mostly for slow trolling early spring browns, that is a nuisance.  Yamaha states that the Talon SDS props improve low idle characteristics and allow easing shifting into gear, which is my second complaint.   Has anyone had experience with the difference between the K type aluminum and the Talon SDS on their Yamaha 4 stroke.  Are Yamaha's claims accurate ?   I would like to know before spending the $$ on a new prop.

  I have the same type F70LA motor on a pontoon that is a 2013 and the act exactly the same so I assume it is inherent in the motor.


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Hi.........I have the same boat as you and I torn between the new F90 or do I re  power with the F70.  Of course we all know the weight advantages of the F70 and our boats are not exactly the largest of all boats......include a narrow beam and small transom.   Do you like your set up.....top speed, getting out of the water, fuel consumption..........I can give you my email address if you like to discuss one on one.  Thank you.

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