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Great Lakes/Niagara River Musky Season

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Thanks for the reports once again Larry, i will be out until the bitter end, or at least until my 2wd truck cant pull my boat out anymore lol. Have a safe trip.

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Well all good things must end, Congrats to your year, lot of info not to mention a good year for pics. I want to wish you a safe trip to and fro, also on the water. Hope to see some fish pics or a couple of words letting us know how your doing. I wish you a banner year again!! I hope you get as many world records as last year. Good luck, be safe, but have fun also!! See Ya in the spring. PAP.

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words!I will update under South America thread when I can in between trips in and out of the bush from Annai Guyana to Rewa River 97 miles in the rainforest from nearest road!

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Anyone know what river conditions were today? We gonna head out soon for the night troll. Wiring up some lights on buddy's boat then we off. Wind is deffinetly in our favour tonight

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