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Yankee @ the Oak 7/11 & 7/12

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You fix the cheater in place with a rubber band to the downrigger line. Put the band on the rigger line and then close your snap over the rubber band when attaching it to your main fishing line. Do not clip the cheater to the rigger.

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Jolly release works well too. Wire hoop end goes around the cable. Pinch the rod line into the pad so it can pull out of the pad to the rear. Snap swivel of cheater goes around the rod line just above or below the pad. Then pull the cheater leader into the pinch pad also. Then tighten thumb screw nut tight. It will hold the cheater in place. Fish can hit either lure and release from the pinch pad. The jolly then just falls to the ball and you retrieve it when you rerig.

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