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Spoons and Other Lures

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OK, So I have the equipment I think I need to target some of the lakes fish. I was wondering what is everyones preference on spoons and which manufacutres would you suggest. I've mainly used Michigan's in the past. When trolling stick baits do you just use rapalas or another brand?



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This is my sophomore season and I'm still learning . Last year I went with strictly a few spin docs / fly and maybe 5 spoons. I caught some fish on the spin doc/ fly.

This season I watched the classifieds here and got some great scores on lots of gear that would have cost me much more to accumulate over time .

All of that gear has helped me catch fish this season .

My suggestion is to get a little gear to get started and keep an eye out for package deals. Seems season end ( or any time , really , there is always plenty for sale to stock up quickly

Good luck


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