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RIGGED @ KOTO part 3 "moving day"

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Well we pre-fished fri morning to a heavy sw wind. Worked 80-500 and back going 0/1 with a steelhead coming unbuttoned before we could catch up with it. That came off of a purple Dino egg KO spoon.

We were sitting 2nd in KOTO with this leg being the day to move up. Well that didn't happen.

Sat we started at 530 in the dark of the night in 60'. Good screen inside but again no friggin bites (3-4 skippers). I was really hoping after a couple days of stable weather they would start snapping. We trolled out to 300' taking more small fish before we got a call and heard 180-220 was hot. We pulled lines and burned in to 200' when we hear whining and a big *clunk*..... F**k! Lower unit bearing fried and we think we're screwed. We try to limp back to port to check it out and take a 5lb and 12 lb king around 100fow both on meat and paddles. We worked to port and the noise stopped so we figured we could try to limp it the rest of the day so we worked back out to 250 and by that time the bite was over. As soon as we got back out there the clunking started again this time much worse, so we were forced to head back in. Get back to 100fow and it stopped again.... We worked that crap for the last hour or so hoping for a brown or laker that wasn't there and limped in to the dock wasting a bunch of time going 2mph all the way home..

Needless to say our run at KOTO is pretty much over. I guess we just gotta put 3 derby fish on the boat in a few weeks and hope that's enough!

Good job to the guys who put a big box together!

Drained the lower unit oil today and it looked like silver fingernail paint- with the metal flake. New one coming tomorrow so we hope to be back in the water mid-week and ready for the LOC

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You guys had a hell of a run going. You probably had the best shot at de-throwning Rob too! Points race is over for ya, but you can still win #4 and help recover some of that expense you incurred this weekend.

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right now i dont even want to fish anymore this season but we will see how i feel in a week or 2

I know exactly how you feel. 3 hrs into the walleye season same thing lower unit took a s::t, after 3 years of boat, motor, trailer, repairs and 3 back surgeries, I lost interest, but I do have a new lower unit. I'm starting to get the itch, something about the end of summer and the beginning of fall that motivates me. Good luck Bondouley, I wish you the best!!!

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