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King of the Oak (KOTO) #4 ANNOUNCEMENT

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The last event will be held SUNDAY September 6th. I've heard it may say Saturday September 6th on the sign up sheets, but it's traditionally held on Sunday. 


See ya there! Let's make it a big turn out! We'll be adding a 4th sign up over at the old 4C's cafe for the procrastinators. They open at 5am the morning of. You're allowed to sign up prior to 7am on SUNDAY September 6th. 

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Well......? ? ? ? Who's is the 2015 King of the Oak????

If you were so curious maybe you should have fished it! Or get Facebook!

I fished a double Sunday solo, and moved the boat back to Rochester after my charter Monday solo. Can I get a break?

I'll get the scores up from Sunday and the King of the Oak standings tonight or tomorrow morning folks. Yes, Rob's Legacy team took the title. Congrats to him and his crew. The fun we had busting each other's stones all season was awesome! Can't wait for next year!

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