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Rainbow Kid

Canandaigua south end Canandaigua--Sept 18th Friday

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I wanted to give the Lake another GO....due to the fact my last 3 trips were skunked out and it took too long to get the Fleas off my equipment. :mooning:

        Off to the  SE side and throw in the Seth Greens ( yes,,some of us Still fish that way!) and had a screen full of bait and fish .100 FOW on the edge to 120...screen gets MT once I venture towards the middle of the Lake...The fish do not seem to suspend like they used to,,,they seem more into structure and such.

          Before the sun got over the East hill I had a 24" laker up to where I had picked up the net,..he shook his head and did that crazy spin move and the spoon whizzed past my ear! oopps!

   Not a great way to start but hey,,,,I just started!

  I went on up the East side and over to the West side by Cooks and Long Pt..I pulled a nice laker off the structure 110 FOW...There were a bunch on the drop,...He made the net..! 

  I made a wide swing back through ,,no hits,..and kept trolling south as the wind was kicking up,

   20 min later I hit another laker,,same size,...I would have thrown it back but he was bleeding all over and did not look like he would make it.So,..2 in the box off the deep line.

   The rainbow line lay silent for the duration,,,surface temp 68 .

  Once I came in,,the kid doing boat check was nice enough to take a pic for me...and thus ends the season as Archery is closing in..

 Beautiful morning on the lake,,,few boats out...good green water,,,weeds not bad but still had light fleas all over,..but manageable.Tight Lines to all!post-151849-0-32411900-1442862144_thumb.jpg

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WTG Jim :yes:  Nothing like rig fishing... still my favorite way to fish for trout and LL's on the Fingers.  It is good to know that the fish are still out there someplace as my last time out in "Flea City" was a bit discouraging :lol: .  At this point I'm glad I gave up hunting (both gun and bow) years ago to get the best out of the Fall fishing as I look forward to the exquisite beauty of the foliage along the sides of Canandaigua especially coming up soon. It is nice not be torn any more between the two activities :)  Good luck with the hunting.....I do still miss being out ion the woods at this time of year though...

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