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Shooting in high wind

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Geese overhead, wings cupped on a painfully slow crawl prior to landing into a 30-35 mph headwind. Where do I place my lead?  Do I account for wind effect on the shot string?  I put my bead ahead of some birds yesterday for what seemed like a gimme, pulled the trigger and.......not a feather.  The only thing I can figure is I was not accounting for the wind effect on the shot string and I was shooting behind.  Normally I swing thru birds but with the slow crawl on the birds I missed I was able to actually locate my bead and aim.

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I think your lead stayed in front of the geese. The slower the target moves the more you have to fire straight at your target. The speed of your lead makes the wind effect negligable,unless it takes more that 3 seconds to reach your target, or so they taught me in the army. LOL they also taught me to shoot 7 lengths ahead of an incoming jet fighter, but I never hit one.

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