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Marine Grade Plywood


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Now that I have the floors done, everything is buffed and waxed, most of the stainless is polished, and gunwale wood is refinished i thought I was done! Now that everything is looking pretty good, my boat OCD is making it so all my eyes can focus on is the teak cabin door and frame. Now I need to pull it all off and refinish it! I'm thinking to make like a little easier that I might try and sandblast / glass bead the wood to remove the old stain. Never done it before but think it worth a shot to speed things up a bit. Anyone ever blast wood before and is it even possible?

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Use a chemical stripper...the old stain is actually in the wood not on the wood...stripper will actually pull it out. You can mechanically remove the stain, but not without removing wood and usually ending up with a less planer surface. Stripping, scraping, and light sanding would be my recommendation.

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