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I am selling my moor subtrol 900. I have almost 2 full moor subtrol 900 setups (missing a head unit and power cord). I have 2 probes, one of which has only been used 7 or 8 times. I have 2 antennas and 2 extension cords( one of which was never installed). There is also 200' of good coated cable and a clincher. The head unit has the plastic case and mounting bracket, along with the power cord. I would like to sell everything at once for $400 Obo. I am willing to sell separately. post-150112-14609424589372_thumb.jpgpost-150112-1460942470899_thumb.jpgpost-150112-1460942479395_thumb.jpgpost-150112-14609424887673_thumb.jpgpost-150112-14609424964025_thumb.jpgpost-150112-14609425047904_thumb.jpgpost-150112-14609425169918_thumb.jpgpost-150112-14609425241819_thumb.jpg

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