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VHF Radio Interference w/GPS


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Anyone have any issues with mounting VHF radio on top of the console over a flush-mount sonar/GPS with internal GPS receiver?  I plan to route VHF antennae cables away from the combo unit as best I can and the VHF antennae will end up 2-3' from GPS receiver.  No room to do much else.




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the interference many complain of comes down to one thing, their power source, sharing the power supply on these units will cause "white noise" on either the VHF or finder. Be sure to use their own positive and ground. Fused properly as well.

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Installed a fuse block this year to run riggers, depth raider , sonar and will prolly run the VHF back there also.  It may cost a little more for duplex wire but worth it I think.


Thanks for the responses guys.

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