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Cannon duel axis rod holders


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Do any stores or tackle shops carry any actual in-stock inventory of the Cannon or Traxstech ratcheting rod holders?


I live in Ohio but travel to Point Breeze twice a summer in Juy and have for the last 20 years.


I can't find much on the shelves for salmon fishing in Ohio, as you would expect.


I would like purchase from a local retailer in the Olcott, Point Breeze, Buffalo, Rochester area while I am there on the trip(s)


Any ideas on who might have inventory for purchase, heck I'm even going to pay with cash :D



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Hey Lundy, I'm not saying I saw them there, but if you haven't checked out the new field and stream at Polaris, you should. They have a surprising selection of trolling gear including slide divers, torpedo divers, track adapters for downriggers, church tx-44 to name a few. If those rod holders are available in central OH, that'd be the place I'd expect to find them

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Thanks, I will check there tomorrow.


I am just always disappointed it seems with my visits into Cabelas and Bass Pro shops when looking for anything other than local type tackle.  I travel a lot on business and visit 4 Cabelas and 3 Bass Pro shops a few times a year and seldom find much of the specialized stuff. I was able to find one Mag 10 STX downrigger in stock at the Dundee store a few weeks ago, but I had to order in a second one and I didn't order from Cabelas.


Besides, if I can purchase from a local tackle bait shop near Lake O to support them I will.

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check out the cisco cradle rod holders for dypsies. i always had berts rachets till i used these. no more struggles to get out when big king hits...can do it with one hand.

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I purchased 2 duel axis and two single.  Both of the duels were pretty sloppy, one was very sloppy.


I took them apart and tightened them up. Also added some teflon dry lube between the plates. They are tight with no slop now at all and still rotate fine. Quick easy fix.


I realize that you shouldn't have to fix new rod holders right out of the box  but I did what I had to do.


First trip to the Oak with them next week, I'll see how they hold up.

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