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alternative methods of trolling deep

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hi guys new to the forum,


just rented a house and a boat on the lake for a week to get after some serious salmonoids, i have my own leadcore set up but i will be bringing along some of my warmwater fishing friends who will probably only have light spinning tackle with them.


nobody wants to just sit in the boat and watch me catch all the trout so my question is what is the best option for getting these guys' spinning tackle deep this time of summer?


ive used 3 way swivel rigs in the past to catch trout at my local ponds but these can be cumbersome and tangle friendly, ive also just recently become aware of snap weights but i see them mainly used for walleye so im questioning how deep snap weight set ups run.  is it possible to use a heavier weight to get spoons down deep this time of year? these seem to have tremendous upside when it comes to convenience but i dont want to waste time or money if theyre not going to get after the trout we're after.


if im missing any other rigs or set ups please enlighten.

any input is greatly appreciated!

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If you try to troll deep with 10 or 15# braid this time of year you'll have a mess with the fleas.

I didn't even know about the fleas last fall and tried some trolling with my normal 10# fireline and micro lead setups. It was horrible. I left the lines out too long and it took me forever to clean the fleas and get the lines in.

I'm using 30# fireline on my divers now and it's not too bad.

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