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Avoided an almost catastrophe leaving the dock. Just as I got the boat turned around my B in L declares time for breakfast and starts peeling a banana. I reached over, ripped it out of his hand and launches it as far as I could throw it. Crisis averted.

Got on the water about 630 am and set up in 120' of water. First time out with the new Fish Hawk probe. Well not exactly, went out last week and forgot batteries for the probe so spent the morning staring at my $700 surface temp screen!! Worked great with batteries in it.

Got the probe rigger down 55' where we hit 44 degree temp. Set the speed at 2.8 down speed ( thank you to all those that have posted in the past probe speeds really made things simple). As soon as I started rigging the second rigger nailed a small king on the probe rigger. A lot of boats in the 100 to 200' range so only put out riggers and Dipseys left the big boards and coppers in the boat until it cleared out some. Trolled north to south and had steady action the whole morning.

Only took one shot on the wire Dipseys but dropped it. The rest was a spoon bite off riggers with cheaters hitting a few steel. After the first hour rigger was down 65 and that's where it stayed. FLT magnum Black Meat Pounding Deep was the superstar and accounted for the majority of our catch. Took on steel off a 300 copper and FLT alewife spoon. Everything else came off the riggers. Worked 150-300' N to S until 11 am.

Ended up 12 for 24 mix of kings and steel. Biggest was 18 lbs. just couldn't find the big boys.

Love those new FLT spoons Bob Fuller does a great job with them and they're worthy the wait. Can't believe I fished all these years without a temp/speed probe. Almost every fish was caught at 2.8 FH down speed. Made me realize how unproductive I was all those years just using SOG.

Tight lines!


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Also went out this evening 5:00-8:30. Waves were 3ft out of NE, not 1ft or less forecast by NOAA. Water was all stirred up, 45 deg at 25ft and 43 deg at 35ft. Got a big hit on a 7 color rod that snapped the 15lb leader. Trip got saved with a feisty steelhead on a NBK on a 30ft rigger. Also got a couple king skippers. Worst trip this year. Apparently fishing was good this morning before NE winds picked up.

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