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I gave it another try yesterday, set up in 95 fow ,checked temp found mid 50degs around 70ft. down. I set up one rigger two divers,the switch on the other rigger went bad. I ran all spoons black green purple combo.Trolled out to 145fow and the port diver went, after a good work out my partner landed a shaker king the diver didn't release :rofl: . Got out to 200fow no more action, switched the divers to spin Doc and flies out 250 and 300 and changed the rigger out with a black glow green mag.spoon and a green dallpon slider 75ft.down and worked back in to 100 fow. it was getting hot out there so we started to clear the divers and the rigger rod fires,the fish was off as quick as he got on. Oh well 1/2 is better than a sharp stick in the eye.I only saw two other boats out and they were way east.

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