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New Tohatsu 9.8 whine

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so I took the maiden voyage yesterday with my brand new Tohatsu 9.8 kicker and right off the bat noticed a pretty annoying high-pitched whine and about 1/4 throttle,right at my RPM range for trolling speed. did a little research and apparently it's a common problem some sort of harmonic distortion at a particular RPM range. I can't imagine I'm the only one on this site who has experienced this , has anyone come up with any solutions for this.sounds like most people just deal with itbut I am not most people. I'm going to call the dealer later today but it sounds like everybody else who has called has been told it is normal and harmless.sounds like an issue that is somewhat common in the Tohatsu Nissans and mercs

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I have noticed it as well in my new one and it is in the exact place where I like to be  but most of the time I can pretty much take it out by just messing with the throttle just past it in either direction as it is confined pretty specifically that specific point (luckily). I guess I am  a little tolerant of it from switching from my noisier 2 stroke and I had a problem there right at my "sweet spot"  where it was either too fast of too slow and hard to get "just right".....kinda like baby bear in the chair situation inm the Three Bears story :lol:

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Have a 2013 9.8hp with 330 hrs on it used only for trolling. Its never had a whine to it. Its a very quiet motor. Had to replace the timing belt at 290 hrs other than that its been great.

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