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SLR-August Smallies

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Fished with a buddy for eyes in the am. Could not get a rod to fire. 3rd time this season With a big goose egg... Switched over to bass around 7am and fished 3-4 hrs. Kept 8 smallies for dinner. Released several shorts and large breeders. Lost several fish due to spit hooks as well. A really Fun day of fishing. Bass are a lot of fun to catch in 25-30 fow. They were biting mostly on crabs. Mid river humps and structure. Had to work for them. Seek and destroy. 2 here, 2there. post-155409-14724360959477_thumb.jpg

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Glad to see someone getting smallies again. Lots of fun that usually gets better as the water starts to cool. Congrats!

Went to Lake O last week and it wasn't like previous years for us. Good guide who worked hard, but fish were mostly small and scattered.

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