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Sold / Closed Happy Troller trolling plate w/new parts kit, $70

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Large trolling plate, excellent condition. I just installed a new parts kit which includes all new springs and rings, the new lanyard is still in the package. Also includes new bolts, nuts and washers for mounting to your outdrive/lower unit. I don't need this plate because my boat trolls right down without any assistance after I replaced my shift mechanism, shift cable and throttle cable.

$70 for the plate. Also willing to trade for items such as Lake Clear Wabblers or Okuma Magda Pro 45 line counter reel.

I live in Carthage, NY (13619). This plate hasn't seen water since I installed the new hardware and works as it should.







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I didn't notice if the plate caused any maneuverability issues the couple of times I used it. And that was before I replaced the springs, and my shift mechanism and cables. I do burn more gas if I use my buckets or Amish trolling bags.

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I agree the kicker is the best option. I was really surprised that I could get down to trolling speeds with my main motor just by replacing the shifter, throttle cable and shift cable. Right now I don't troll enough to justify buying a kicker. That could change next year or two years from now, who knows?

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