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Urgent. Need a shift cable for 1990 Mercury control


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I was just checking out my 1990 18' Grumman boat prior to our St Lawrence outing with with Muskies Canada and Muskies Inc. I was planning to go up on Friday. Started up the 1990 75 hp Merc. main motor and I decided to check to see if the gear shift works. It wouldn't shift into forward .Then I tried reverse and it shifted into reverse ok but when I put the shifter back to neutral, it stayed in reverse. I found out that the solid stainless steel wire that it uses (not a multi strand cable) had broken on the inside, right where the cable enters the front of the engine housing. I guess it would have been worse if it happened after I got on the River.


I haven't started looking yet and being that it is a 1990, I am wondering if it is even made any more. Or if there is someone who makes an aftermarket part or a universal kit. The cable has to be the correct length to fit the boat also. I also really need a new trim switch which is mounted in the shift handle.


Does anyone know where I might be able to find what I need? Or will I have to try and find used parts or a used set of controls? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I guess it will be a miracle if I can find what I need and get it installed in time for me to go on the trip on Friday.

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