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My 2016 season is over, freezer is full!

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Well the sadness of the end of my 2016 hunting season has come. I have been working crazy hours but was able to get last Saturday off. I headed to camp Friday night and we had some drinks and good food. Lots of laughs. We didn't set an alarm and got up and had a big breakfast. We got a perfect dusting of snow overnight. The wind was light out of the Northeast and the conditions could not have been more perfect. We headed up on the hill with a good strategy to still hunt and ensure we were all in the right areas when deer began to move. We saw 20 deer between the three of us and we ended up with 3 deer before noon. Every deer was a team effort. We headed back to camp and cleaned it up for the season and headed out before dark. What a great ending to an awesome season...I plugged away at the deer all week.  I had some of the trim taken to my favorite meat place.  I had 20 pounds of Old fashioned Bologna made, 20 pounds of venison Kielbasa, 15 pounds of breakfast sausage.  I mixed up 8 pounds of hickory blend ground venison and did it on the smoker.  Wicked good and I experimented with a Croghan Bologna.  I made 4 cased smoked versions of it.  The freezer is packed and I shared 2/3's of that good stuff with my buddies. They each get a medium cooler full.  I am very pleased with my season...I saw tons of deer with my bow, I killed one of my best bow bucks and I was able to fill a doe tag and my gun buck tag.  Time to shift gears and get ready for winter and I might try to get out and do a little ice fishing...


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Congrats on a great season. Most of mine was frustrating and uneventful. The warm weather combined with the lack of nuts had my normal hot spots, ice cold. I was able to harvest a mature 12 point this past Monday in the last minutes of light to salvage my season. Now it's on to my favorite time of year, ICE FISHING!!! And it looks like Mother Nature is bringing the cold temps needed to lock up my favorite fishing holes

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Out in my favorite spot still looking for the big guy. Have him on video twice on my camera. He's still alive and I will continue to hold out eating all my tags. This yer I decided to up what I was looking for and will not settle even this late in the game.

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Thanks guys, these cold temps should really speed things up...there might not be a post Christmas boat outing this year Bruce...

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