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U.S.C.G. AUX Help wanted.

Dr W

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Wow am I glad I brought this up . Learning things and opinions about how things have changed in the past 15 years. Back when I left the AUX and quit fishing Ontario everyone use the Marine radio and we even had a marine operator to make phone calls when needed.  


When I had the steering problem there were perhaps 3 or 4 boats visible and they were all trolling and now I understand that not a single one had their radios on the hailing and distress frequency's

I thought that as a licensed Captain you were required to maintain a radio watch ?  



see you all in the spring on the lake catching some browns  

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This has been interesting banter. I didn't know I could lock my radio off the distress channels. I sometimes shut it off though. I have had the opportunity to help several less fortunate boaters over the years and been dragged in once myself long ago. I can't imagine anyone not coming to the aid of a fellow boater, especially on one of the big lakes. If we hear or see you we will try to help.

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How about we get back to your point Dr W. So far I'm not seeing any volunteers for the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I'm interested in hearing more. Could you PM me...maybe I can help. I fish out of Mexico Point 2 or so days a week. I can't believe your request got so far off topic and not one volunteer!


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15 minutes ago, Dr W said:

I did get one guy up near Henderson .




I bet I know who that was, guy would give the shirt off his back if he knew you needed it!! Congrat on a new person for the AUX!!!

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